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My Story

Aaron Allen Marner was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona now currently working as a full time artist in Palm Springs, California. Being heavily involved in art as a child, I reignited my passion and love for art and painting 10 years ago in Los Angeles. From there I began honing my craft and exhibiting work in various spaces. In the last two years I've spent my time creating several solo shows at throughout Arizona, creating public art displays as well as my own pop-up art gallery, Pink Elephant and also showing in the Children's Museum of Phoenix for the second time this year.



While mostly working with acrylics, acrylic pen, oil and spray paint, my approach to portrait and figurative painting, ranges from using collage style, vibrant, colorful hues while often adding geometric shapes and aspects of nature moreover; giving views a sense of abstraction and surrealism. Not being subjugated to one style, texture, heavy application of acrylic paint, palette knife strokes while using a more monochromatic style has become a vast part of my creativity.



The purpose in my work often is to convey my experiences but also give viewers a sense of power and emotion. My mission is to inspire youth as well as anyone who dreams of becoming an artist. I think representation is essential. Having the ability to see someone who looks like you from the same community gives others the motivation to pursue their passion in art.


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